Free Online Hearing Screening:

Please note that the test is not a professionally accurate hearing test which can check your hearing and determine whether you need hearing aids. This self-administered online hearing screening can only determine whether you could possibly have problems with your hearing like hearing loss.

This quick online screening will tell you if you need to get a hearing screening. It is completely anonymous, and no email is required. All you need is a quiet place, and a pair of headphones that close tightly around your ears.

How does it work? You will hear numbers at different loudness levels, and you will need to select the words you hear. Some sound like they’re spoken in a noisy restaurant, against background noise. This can assess how well you can hear and understand speech in noise, and if your hearing is in need of treatment.

Why should you do this? Oftentimes, slight hearing problems can go unnoticed because they happen slowly over time. This screening helps you find out if your hearing is not the way it once was. This screener is not a professional assessment, but rather an easy at-home tool to see if your hearing needs further attention. If you do have difficulty hearing or any concerns about your hearing, please schedule a proper and complete hearing evaluation. At that time, audiologic management options can be discussed.

Any questions or concerns? Please reach out, so we can help you schedule an exam for an in-depth consultation and review of treatment options. Call us at 201-820-4110 or email us and an audiologist will get back to you.

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