Guide Videos

  1. Video (Wax guard replacement – General)
  2. Video (Wax guard replacement – General)
  3. Video (Wax guard replacement – Marvel Cerushield)
  4. Video (BTE Hearing Aid Cleaning Guide)
  5. Video (Custom Hearing Aid Cleaning Guide)
  6. Video (RIC Hearing Aid Cleaning Guide)
  7. Video (How to attach mold)
  8. Video (Full Guide – Battery Replacement)
  9. Video (Quick Guide – Battery Replacement)
  10. Video (ReTubing an Earmold)
  11. Video (Pairing Apple – Resound)
  12. Video (Pairing Android – Resound)
  13. Video (Pairing Apple – Oticon)
  14. Video (Pairing Android – Oticon)
  15. Video (Pairing Apple – Signia)
  16. Video (Pairing Android – Signia)
  17. Video (Pairing Android – Widex)
  18. Video (Pairing Apple – Widex)
  19. Video (Pairing Apple – Phonak)
  20. Video (Pairing Android – Phonak)
  21. Video (Pairing Apple – Starkey)
  22. Video (Pairing Android – Starkey)
  23. Video (Receiver Replacement – Resound)
  24. Video (Receiver Replacement – Oticon)
  25. Video (Receiver Replacement – Signia)
  26. Video (Receiver Replacement – Widex)
  27. Video (Receiver Replacement – Marvel/Paradise Phonak)
  28. Video (Receiver Replacement – Non-marvel/paradise Phonak)
  29. Video (Receiver Replacement – Starkey)
  30. Video (Microphone Pairing – Phonak Roger select)
  31. Video (Microphone Pairing – Phonak RemoteMic and Compilot)
  32. Video (Microphone Pairing – Resound MultiMic)
  33. Video (Microphone Pairing – Widex Com-Dex)
  34. Video (Microphone Pairing – Starkey Mini Mobile)
  35. Video (Microphone Pairing – Oticon Edumic)
  36. Video (Microphone Pairing – Oticon ConnectClip)
  37. Video (Microphone Pairing – Resound Multi Mic)
  38. Video (TV adapter – Oticon)
  39. Video (TV adapter – Phonak connector)
  40. Video (TV adapter – Phonak compilot and TV link)
  41. Video (TV adapter – Widex TV PLAY)
  42. Video (TV adapter – Signia Streamline TV)
  43. Video (TV adapter – Resound Unite TV streamer)
  44. Video (Remote Pairing – Phonak Remote Control)
  45. Video (Remote Pairing – Oticon Remote Control)
  46. Video (Remote Pairing – Resound Remote Control 2)
  47. Video (Remote Pairing – Widex Remote RC-Dex)
  48. Video (Remote Pairing – Signia miniPocket)


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