Free Online Hearing Screening

Have you been wondering lately if your hearing is a little off? You’ve come to the right place!

Using a web browser and any pair of headphones, you can find out in three minutes.

The Hearing Screening
Here’s how it works:

  • Three digits are read aloud amid background noise
  • You enter the three digits you hear and select Next
  • When all rounds are completed, you receive your results

Hearing Screening Results
Your results tell you whether you can hear sounds within a given range. But that’s it. If your hearing screening suggests a hearing loss, it could mean you have impacted earwax and need a good ear cleaning — not hearing aids.

These results are just one piece of the puzzle. To understand your hearing health, a full audiologic evaluation is necessary. Simply declaring “You need hearing aids” based on hearing screening results could mask a serious health issue.

Next Steps
If your hearing screening showed a possible hearing loss, let’s discuss the results — leave us your contact information so we can get in touch!