• Social isolation means to keep yourself physically isolated; but please keep your brain socially connected! It’s important to stay stimulated and keep up social engagement. Connect with friends via telephone, watch TV, and listen to audiobooks and music to keep your hearing stimulated.
    If your hearing loss holds you back from enjoying TV, phone conversations, or audio, please contact us for our list of resources and assistive listening devices. Many are free; and all of them optimize technology to give you the best listening experience.
  • Do you have extra time at home and looking to improve your hearing? Learn more about auditory training: a form of physical therapy to exercise your hearing abilities. There are free apps and programs that you can use at home to improve your speech understanding, particularly in background noise or degraded listening situations. To learn more, please contact our audiologists to provide a customized plan to suit your needs.
  • Does your hearing aid have an app that you can use to fine-tune and improve your hearing experience? Most hearing aids have a host of added features through an app, and most users do not remember to optimize these features. They are there for you, and we are here for you to review how to use them. Contact us for a remote appointment to review your connectivity and app options, and maximize your hearing experience.

We are here for you to hear – please let us know if there’s any way we can assist you during these trying times.

Warm Regards,

Maryrose McInerney, Kenneth Bodkin, Ryan Sadaah, Aviva Klugmann, Kayla Murphy, Becca Craft, Alexandra Camacho-Luna, Stephanie Garcia, Lisa Nostrand, and Lauren Depasquale, Nancy Montalvo, and Lisette Munoz